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Mr. Orr's Classroom Web Site!
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Meet Mr. Orr!

This is where I will be posting a picture of myself, so that I don't scare your parents the first time they meet with me!  I'm currently building other parts of this site first!  Stay tuned!

The Man!!
Mr. Robert Orr, Jr.
Business/Marketing Education
Greeley Central High School
Greeley, Colorado  80634
PH:  1-970-348-5114
Who IS This Guy, Really??
This is me, attending a student function during the 2nd semester of the 2000-2001 school year.  It should also serve as a reminder that I do my BEST to show up for EVERYTHING that I'm invited to.  So, don't give me a "token" graduation celebration invitation, if you don't want me to BE there to watch you enjoy that period in your life!
And You Didn't Think I Liked Kids, eh??
This is my crew during Thanksgiving, 2001.  This SHOULD help prove to my students that, YES, I AM human, and I think I DO understand kids!    Happy Holidays, ALL Year!!
AAAAGGGHH!! THIS One Scared Even ME!!!
This Is Mr. Orr "Back In The Day," When He Was More Commonly Known As Bobby!
Whenever I tell my students, "Been there, DONE that!" I MEAN it!!  This is me, WAAAAYYYY back in 1978.  Here, I was a "sweet 16!"  I STILL feel sorry for my teachers back then.  Maybe THAT's why I'm teaching now, eh?  A little "what goes around, comes around," maybe?  What fond memories!