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Armed Services Links


The links above all provide you with a HUGE list of job possibilities within those specific armed services.  Of course, you'll need to take and do well on the ASVAB test for them, but I'm SURE you'll do just fine!  Check out the service of your choice, and try to pinpoint the job type you want to join for.  Print out THAT descriptions sheet, and take it to your local recruiter for additional information.
Here's a GREAT general search tool you can use, if you want to know more about the specific jobs that are available within the branches of the armed services.  Check it out before you see your recruiter(s), so that you can know as much as you can first.
This is a GREAT place to go, if you're even remotely curious about the benefits you would get as a member of the various armed forces.  You should view this information BEFORE you see your recruiter.  Print any documents that contain information you wish to know more about.  Be informed before making that BIG decision!


Recruiter Email Links:

U.S. Navy Active Duty Recruiter in Greeley, Colorado!
U.S. Army Recruiters in Greeley, Colorado.
Army R.O.T.C. at UNC and CSU.

Printable Army ROTC Letter

U.S. Army Reserve Recruiter - Greeley.
Colorado Army National Guard Recruiter - Greeley.
Air National Guard Recruiter - Greeley.