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This FREE site host contains some of the EASIEST web site building tools I've been able to find so far.  You don't have to be a code genious to use them.
Web Site Building Tools Site Links: provides up to 5 Megs of space of FREE online storage space.  You can share your files with colleagues, friends, and/or students.


This site offers you a very WIDE variety of redirect URLs you can attach to your normally MUCH longer FREE-hosted web sites.  Check these out, and see if they're not easier for your visitors to remember them.
This site offers a few redirect URL options for you, all of which are normally MUCH shorter than the ones you normally get from the FREE site hosts.  You WILL, however, have to accept one of three pop-up styles for them to show adds to your visitors as they hit your home page.  Just choose the one that's the least "loud."

This seems to be a GREAT place to register a domain name at an inexpensive price.  Would you like to secure either a,,, or other similar personalized web address?  If so, then this is the best place I've found, at the prices they charge.


The banner above from BRAVENET is a GREAT source for some COOL stuff that you can paste onto your own web site.  Why learn web codes when there are already neat "toys" created out there, many of which are FREE of charge??  Check it out! has provided a large list of some pretty cool animated GIFs that are easy to copy onto your web sites.  Check them out.  They're all FREE!!

This is a pretty cool site where you can get TONS of different clipart images FREE of charge!  They have their images arranged neatly in SEVERAL different categories!  Use them to spruce up a term/research paper, dress up an email to a friend, or to add life to your web site.


This is a GREAT place to go, if you're interested in having your site listed with several of the most frequently used web search engines.  Once there, just click on the search engine you want to list with, then follow the directions.  Have fun letting others in on what you're doing with your site.

This is a GREAT place to go, if you want to submit your web site(s) to one of the more frequently-used web search engines, AllTheWeb.  You'll be submitted within seconds, after you log onto this site.

This is a GREAT way to avoid using disks to carry around.  This makes it EASY to store information, for later transfer to another computer.


General Communications Links:
This is a very useful site you can go to, if you want to purchase postal supplies, like stamps, packaging, postcards, etc., and have them delivered right to your front door.  As soon as I know the expected postage and handling on orders like these, I'll post them here, so that you can have a good idea of what purchases like these will cost.  It might beat standing in the lines at the post office, though.   You can also order things by calling their toll-free number:  1-800-STAMP-24
Click on the link above, if you would like to learn more about how to create an effective PowerPoint presentation.  You can also learn how to convert your PowerPoint documents to web-efficient ones, and then publish them on the web.

This site has at least SIX different search tools that can help you find that lost classmate you're looking for.


You can find ALL sorts of cool information from this site, besides searching for missing people.  State by state crime stats are also included in the possibilities here.


There are about SEVEN more people search-type engines on this site, which all appear to be free of charge.


This site SPECIFICALLY claims to offer these search services FREE of charge.  Check them out.


Here is yet another very easy to use people-search tool, if you're having a difficult time in finding who you would like.

Free of charge, you can use this site to find the location and phone numbers to either lost people or businesses.


There are apparently TONS of free people search engines out there.   Explore all of the options that have been revealed here by, then have fun searching for those long lost friends you would like to find!