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Central Wildcats Fall 2002 Athletic Schedules:
     All but two of the links below allow you to print up copies of our Central Wildcats athletic schedules for the Fall 2002 season.  Just locate the team you wish to support, then click on that link for the appropriate game schedule.  The link that is second from the bottom below allows you to print up a little away games address card.  Then, use the Mapquest link all the way at the bottom of this section to produce step-by-step directions to get from your front door, right to the game(s) of your choice.  Let's support our young Central Wildcats, and show them that we DO care!!
If you want step-by-step driving directions to away locations, first get the location information from the link two above this text area.  Then, use the Mapquest link above to view and/or print your driving directions.  Just enter the game location that's provided for you above, then enter your address.  At that point, you can print up a step-by-step set of driving instructions that'll get you right to where you want to go.
Remember to maximize your window so that
you can see ALL THREE COLUMNS of
"Fun Stuff" links on this page!
This site is a "MUST SEE" one for the avid Broncos fan!  Click on the link above, and then click on any of the video clip options you'll see below the heading, "Video Tour" on your left.  Check out the current look of the new stadium, as well as how it all came into existence over time.
Did you know that a can of Coke that cost .25 cents WAYYY back in 1977 translates, or is equal to .74 cents today??   And YOU kids complain about pop that costs .50 cents from the vending machines??   Shoot!  WE had it worse when WE were your age.  Check out this calculator, if you want to make any other cost comparisons with today's money.  You can go back as far as 1913!  See what your Grandpa's wage of ". . . an nickle a day. . . " would be equal to now!
The Air National Guard has given us FREE access to three video games that you can play directly from their site.  Those games are:  Skytank, Parachute Mission, and Airbattle.  Check them out, if you like this sort of game!  May the (Air) FORCE be with you!

This service uses data from the US Census and a supplementary list of cities around the world to find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculates the distance between them (as the crow flies). It also provides a map showing the two places



Travel Related Links:

Here's a great place to go, if you want to make sure that there is something to do when out-of-town guests arrive, OR if YOU are that guest someplace else.  It helps give you some neat exploration ideas.
Roller-Coaster/Amusement Park Fun:

Find out what you want about Denver's theme parks.  You can also do the same for other cities, by clicking the "change city" tab in the upper left corner of this page.


Once you've toured as many of the roller-coaster devoted site links on this page, see if you can correctly guess the names and/or amusement parks for each of the pictured ride segments on THIS site!  Write down your answers on a separate piece of paper, numbered 1 through 15, because when you click on "answer," it'll give it to you.  They also give you clues to each one before you give up and peak at the answers.  How good were YOU at guessing the right places/rides?  Let me know how you did!


This is the master list of amusement and theme parks, sorted by state.  Individual state pages contain quick links to official park websites, insider information, park reviews, weather forecasts, and photo galleries for each park in that state.
Do you want to find something specific, or just look around?  If you enjoy roller coasters and amusement parks, AND you have a few hours to spend, check out THIS site!
Check out the latest critics' reviews of some of the most significant roller-coasters in the country at this site!

This site rates what they think are the best roller coaster rides in the country, and they do so in two categories of coasters:  Steel and Wooden!  See if you agree with


These might take awhile to load for you, depending on the speed of your computer, but this site allows you to view clips of real roller-coaster rides, IF YOU DARE TO WATCH!!
View some virtual roller-coaster rides from throughout the country on this site!
View pictures of roller coasters from some specifically selected locations in the U.S.  Courtesy of

Here, you can find a TON of pictures of various roller coaster rides from around the country.  They even have Six Flags Elitch Gardens featured on this site!  It all comes to you courtesy of


This is strange, but if you can handle following the directions at the top and bottom of this location, the pictures you see will be perceived as being in 3-D!
Online Games:
How good are you at Tic Tac Toe?  Can you beat the computer?  Go ahead!  Try it!

Jump into any of the existing chess rooms and play against somebody at your own skill level, or create a board yourself and invite others to play against you.   It's brought to you courtesy of from Lycos.


Students can find the following games at this location:  Battleship, Mad Libs, Breakout, Mind Reader, Catch the Spy, Concentration, Mission Cube, Get The Gophers, Potato People, and Lemonade Stand.


Here, people can play games such as BINGO, Hall Duty, Binker, Mercury Makeover, Blocks-a-Dropping, Picture Puzzle, Dance Party, Press Your Luck, English Saves The Day, Simon v1.0, Flash Card Math, and Tic Tac Toe.


The people with RealNetworks, the company behind the streaming media software RealPlayer, has approximately 140 FREE online games you can play through the link above.  Make sure, though, that you choose the FREE ones!
FREE Game Downloads:
If you enjoy the classic game of tetris, check out THIS free software download site. 

Trivia Questions:


Do you like "Who cares?"  kind of trivia facts?  If so, check this site out.

Football Helmet Design Stuff:

Though they are all in black and white, this is a great source for some football helmet logos that you can easily copy and save.
This seems to be a GREAT source for helmet logos, as taken from existing sports teams from a VARIETY of different sports.
Evening Entertainment Tools
This is a VERY easy to use site that can help you find ANY movie listing, anywhere within the United States.  It can also give you previews of upcoming attractions, ticket prices, show times, and more.  Check it out before you cruise around looking for that RIGHT show to watch!

Fun Misc. Site Links:

This site matches names together to see if they have a chance at making it together, romantically speaking.  This site is NOT a serious one, nor does it suggest that their results should be considered final.  Have fun with it.


This is a fun site to go to, if you're curious about whether or not you might have what it takes to be an entrepreneur (in business for yourself)!  Check out this easy 21-question multiple-choice survey, and see where YOU stand in this area!
This site is pretty funny!  It's interactive, in that it provides you with a samity ranking and summary, based on how you answer a few simple questions.  Are YOU going insane??
Do you ever catch yourself debating with friends whether or not you are an absolute LOSER??  Well, now you can take a little quiz that can help you decide that arguement for good!  Click on the link above!
What A Legacy, Eh?
Let's See, Now! Which Face Will I Need Today??

Some of our dumbest in society, end up being crooks!


Be your own tour guide of the solar system with this solar system simulator site.  It allows you to pinpoint certain planets and view them from different angles of YOUR choosing!  See planets from several spacecrafts and get a color image of the planet you chose.  You can also see maps of the planets and explore their surfaces.  Check it out!
This site link gives you a BEAUTIFUL view of the earth at night, complete with city lights to highlight the various population centers around the world.  Check it out!
The link explains everything!  If you like motorcycles, you'll love this site!
This is a COOL site for people interested in birds.  You can hear raptor sounds, track bird migration, and learn what to do with an injured bird.