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Students in my Business Preparation B class are normally issued a web site design assignment as their major project for the semester.  From time to time, I come across some very good ones, and request that they allow me to post their links on my classroom site.  They serve as both examples for future Business Prep B course students, as well as good sources of information for their specific target audiences.  Feel free to check out any of the student-designed web sites below.

Personal Web Sites:

This Is A Pretty Good Personal Site:

Music/Band Related Sites:

Here Is a GOOD One On LiNkIn Park:

This One Documents The Band, Sublime:

Travel Related Web Sites:

This One Touches Primarily On Japan:

This One Is Pretty Good About Colorado:

General Entertainment Web Sites:
The only knock on this site, as an assigned project, was the lack of written material provided within it.  Otherwise, this is a pretty good example of how a theme site should "look."
Car Related Sites:
This is a GREAT site about the Predator Cobra, in particular.  It's a very good example of what a site should look like with all of this project's requirements in place, AND some extra-credit elements added.
Sports Related Sites:
(I haven't found any quality sites on this topic yet!!)