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Click the Flag Below To Hear: "God Bless The USA"
For those of you who feel as patriotic as I do, I've added a little feature to my  web site where you can go to listen to probably the BEST USA-support song produced in recent years.  Just click on the waving flag above, and listen to Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA."  While listening and thinking about the brave firefighters and police officers that died on 9/11/02 in New York, feel free to either salute or cover your heart!         ENJOY!!!

You've probably heard at least a LITTLE about it by this point in your academic career.  NOW's the time to click on the links above to find out more about just what it is, AND what IT can do for YOU!!
Click on the link above, if you're interested in checking out what it was like to be in Colorado Springs, at the Broadmoore hotel, for our 2002 State Conference.  We've posted TONS of pictures of this year's event, to help promote it for those interested in learning more about what we do in DECA.
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Welcome To My Site!

This site has been, and still is, QUITE the "labor of love" for me.  I hope that everyone finds it to be very useful for whatever purposes you seek to satisfy.  Please don't hesitate to email me with any suggestions you might have.  Send me any links you feel would fit appropriately on this site, along with a brief detailed description of what people would find there.

     PLEASE check out our ever-expanding Central DECA store web site when you get the chance to!  Our DECA sales team has developed a WONDERFUL site that is connected with our store in room #225, and displays several PERFECT gift ideas you might enjoy.  Click on the link above, and contact any of the student sales team members via their email links, if you find anything you might be interested in.  They will be HAPPY to take your order!                                                            
     All proceeds go toward supporting both the student sales team members that close your sale(s), as well as our DECA program itself. 
Thank You For Your Wonderful Support!
Click HereTo Find Out More About Marketing Ed.!
Click on the "Course Descriptions" link or picture above, if you would like to know more information about the classes we offer within the Business and Marketing Department here at Greeley Central High School.

This is a GREAT internet search engine tool!  You can search up to TEN of the top search engines all at the same time, or just click on a few of them.  Once you hit "enter," or click on "search," BINGO!!  It'll take off and search a BUNCH of times all at once!  Check it out the next time you need to find something on the web!