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Investing and Finance Links
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Stock Market-Related Links:

Go here, if you want to either join or create a stock market simulation or contest.  It's pretty realistic in many ways, and CAN help teach you how you would react to investments riskier than a simple savings account.  Check it out!
This is a great and easy-to-use site that helps you find out about everything you might want to know about specific companies that offer and trade securities on the world's stock exchanges.  Here, you can find current stock values, stock symbols, and more.  You can also click on the "Industries" button, and find out what the hottest industries in the market have been over a specific amount of time that YOU can set.  Use this tool to help you decide what to invest in.

This site lists the 100 fastest growing companies, according to  It can be VERY helpful for that first-time investor who is looking for the best stocks to buy.


This is another good site for that beginning investor who really wants to diversify their new portfolios.  It is a VERY easy to use and navigate site, if you want to know anything from the very basic information about companies, to some more detailed news reports.  YOU choose what you use!!


Here is another great site for investors to go, if they are looking for fast growing small companies in the United States.


Here, Inc500 lists the fastest growing Colorado area companies, for those investors that wish to stay within this state, while developing their stock portfolio.


This is a VERY easy-to-use stock information research tool that allows you to look up companies alphabetically.  Check it out!

Income-Related Site Links:

     As most of us tend to find out in due time, the government comes after our financial successes in order to redistribute wealth among the masses.   One of those ways is through "Capital Gains Taxes," which relate to those profits you make from your own investments.   This online calculator helps you see just how much Uncle Sam picks your pockets in this way, based on how successful you are with investing. 
     Just enter the amounts that the calculator asks you for, and it'll AUTOMATICALLY calculate your expected total tax in the end.   It considers your TOTAL expected taxable income, since your tax bracket is dependent on how much you make TOTAL for the year.  Be patient, if you have a slow computer, as the calculator at the bottom of this sites page takes a little while to load for you once you arrive.

This site allows you to estimate what your taxes are for any given year.


Download free TaxACT and begin preparing your taxes today!  TaxACT interviews you, automatically calculates your return and prints IRS-approved forms for FREE.   Plus, you can e-file for under $8!

Go here, if you want to download some FREE software that can help you in preparing for tax season.  Apparently, you can also complete your form(s) online, as well as submit via electronic mail directly from this software.

This is a great site for you to go to, if you need any of the Colorado Income Tax forms for filing purposes.