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Web Site Hosts:
This FREE site host contains some of the EASIEST web site building tools I've been able to find so far.  You don't have to be a code genious to use them.
This site host is MUCH like the one above (, except that they offer 10MBs of additional free hosted space.   However, though their E-Z builder tools are identical to those of's, there aren't quite as many of them.  Otherwise, this is a very good source for free site hosting as well.

GREAT Sources For Color Codes

This is another site, very similar to the link below, except that you can easily copy and paste the RGB color code directly from their site to your web page(s).  Check it out!  It's cool!
This is a GREAT place to go, if you're want to create either the RGB or HEX color codes for HTML web site design.  Click on the link above, and check out just how easy it is to use.
This is a VERY easy-to-use site that allows you to create the RGB and HEX color codes you need for designing your web pages.  It also creates the HTML code you can copy-and-paste onto your documents, once you've selected the colors you want.  Create colors for:  page backgrounds, text, links, Vlinks (visited links), and Alinks (active links).  Check it out!

Great Places To Get URLs (Web Site Addresses)

Get a cool web address!
Free SubDomains from

This site offers a few redirect URL options for you, all of which are normally MUCH shorter than the ones you normally get from the FREE site hosts.  You WILL, however, have to accept one of three pop-up styles for them to show adds to your visitors as they hit your home page.  Just choose the one that's the least "loud."

This seems to be a GREAT place to register a domain name at an inexpensive price.  Would you like to secure either a,,, or other similar personalized web address?  If so, then this is the best place I've found, at the prices they charge.


The banner above from BRAVENET is a GREAT source for some COOL stuff that you can paste onto your own web site.  Why learn web codes when there are already neat "toys" created out there, many of which are FREE of charge??  Check it out!

Great Places For ClipArt and Gifs

This is an EXCELLENT site where you can find all sorts of neat things to add to your web site, all FREE of charge!!  Click on the link above, and then browse down the navigation bar along the left side.

If you like caricatures, this is the site for YOU!!  There are more than 1,000 to choose from as of 01/04/04.  From Wahington to Bush, Pelé to Ronaldo and Chaplin to Brad Pitt, discover all the caricature cliparts  of Caricature Zone on one page.  Scroll down once you're there, and then be patient: the loading takes a few seconds on older systems.


This is a great site for getting all sorts of free animations, pictures, gifs, and more!  Check it out!  It's all FREE!! has provided a large list of some pretty cool animated GIFs that are easy to copy onto your web sites.  Check them out.  They're all FREE!!

This is a pretty cool site where you can get TONS of different clipart images FREE of charge!  They have their images arranged neatly in SEVERAL different categories!  Use them to spruce up a term/research paper, dress up an email to a friend, or to add life to your web site.


GREAT Sources For Sound Files
This site has a HUGE data base of a WIDE variety of MIDI files you can download FREE!!  Once there, look through their music type navigation bar along the top of your browser page, and have FUN!!
This is a GREAT place to go if you have TONS of time to browse through SEVERAL sources of FREE MIDI files!  Several of the sites they list in a VERY easy-to-follow guide have THOUSANDS of free MIDI files you can choose from.  So, grab a drink and a bite to eat!  You'll be sitting for awhile!
This is another GREAT place to go for some FREE music files.  They're always updating their list, so it's CONSTANTLY growing!  Enjoy!
Good Sites For FREE Hit Counters
This site offers great counters if all you need is a public display on your home page.  Sparklit has over 100 different styles of counter to choose from, and they're VERY easy to customize!!  Check them out!!
This is a good place to go for a few choices of web site hit counters that you can customize at least somewhat.  Click on the link above, and just follow the directions.
Sites For Interactive "Stuff"
This is a cool place to go (no pun intended), if you want to create, edit, and maintain surveys on your web site.  This can be a great way to allow visitors to interact with your site.
Sites With Web Design Tutorials
This is a GREAT place to go, if you're just ITCHING to keep learning more about web site designing! has some VERY easy to follow tutorials, explanations on how to add background music, several font types, and MORE!  Check it out!!
Here is another great place to go for basic HTML code help.  This site provides you with sample frames and tables, as well a color conversion engine, and a lot more!  It is VERY easy to cruise through!  Check them out!

Submit Your Site To Search Engines

This is a GREAT place to go, if you're interested in having your site listed with several of the most frequently used web search engines.  Once there, just click on the search engine you want to list with, then follow the directions.  Have fun letting others in on what you're doing with your site.

This is a GREAT place to go, if you want to submit your web site(s) to one of the more frequently-used web search engines, AllTheWeb.  You'll be submitted within seconds, after you log onto this site.

Online Disc Storage Sites