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Career Search-Related Links:

Armed Services Links

Click on the link above, if you would like more information about what the various armed forces have to offer you, in regards to college and/or career opportunities.
This site is provided courtesy of, and is MUCH like the Explore program we utilize withing District Six Schools, for career exploration purposes.  It's especially useful for students wishing to remain here in Colorado, and can obviously be accessed from ANY computer, without being dependant upon the school's network.
This is a very easy-to-use career salary calculator that can help you decide on a career to choose, as well as a potential geographic location to work within it, based on known salaries.  Check it out BEFORE you make some major choices without being more informed about the long-term possibilities.
This site allows you to browse through several different "Career Clusters," all of which have additional links to more specific career choices.  Once you've chosen specific career links to explore further, you'll find 5-10 pages of career-specific information that is printable.  This is very usefule and reliable information.  Try it.

This is a GREAT site for those looking for general and specific career information, as they choose their professional paths. 


This is an EXCELLENT and easy-to-use site that can help just about anyone who is looking for JUST the right career!  It uses the "Holland Career Matching System," which categorizes a TON of career possibilities into SIX basic broad categories.  Are you any one of THESE types of people:  "Realistic," "Investigative," "Artistic," "Social," "Enterprising," or "Conventional?"  Check out this site and see what kind of careers might suit you and who you are.  Click on the above link, then scroll down to where it lists the six interest types.  Once there, click on the interest area that best describes YOU.
Put the WORLD in YOUR Hands!  Take Control of your life!!

General Job Search Links:

This is the registration page for the site that is VERY easy to use for job searching, resume posting, and more.  Simply cut and paste your already-made resume onto this site, and you're OFF to starting your new career!

This is a great site to register on, if you want just about ANYTHING to do with employment.  You can get resume advice, then eventually post it online FREE of charge.  You can also get emailed job listings that match what you're looking for, including geographic area interests.


Here, you can post up to FIVE customizable resumes FREE of charge.   Just register as a member first, and then you're on your way!


This seems to be a GREAT site to search for jobs, as well as to respond to them via email.


This site enables you to be notified via email of new job postings that match your search criterion.  When new jobs are posted that match your search criterion, you will be sent an email notification.  You may choose up to 3 search categories, in terms of the job types you're looking for.  You will be notified weekly if a new job is posted in your chosen categories.  This is a FREE service for job seekers.
Submitting your resume to the Colorado Online Job Connection is simple and FREE.  First of all, you must establish your profile.  Next, you will choose your password.  After that, you will have an opportunity to either cut and paste a text version of your resume onto this site, or you can create an online resume.
Create a free myHotJobs account and...
Post your resume........Let hiring companies find YOU!

See resume stats.........Check your resume activity!

Create job search agents.......Get emailed the latest opportunities!
Save jobs...............Come back at a later date and apply!


Take positive control of your job search!  Posting your resume here FREE will greatly expand your reach and range of opportunity.  Thousands of recruiters and companies are subscribed and search the database of this site on a daily basis.  Give it a shot.  The only thing it'll cost you is time.
This is another FREE resume posting, job-searching site that is VERY easy to use.  First, you'll fill out a basic membership form.  Then, you can cut and paste your existing resume into the text box, and submit it.  It's a GREAT tool for the job seeker.

Resume and Cover Letter Help:

This is a GREAT site for people to learn how to construct an electronic resume.  Print and/or post the final copy, after you go through the various stages of resume construction.  It also has a set of easy to use help links for each resume categoryl.
Humorous Employment-Related Links:

If you want to have fun with creating a humorous, but not so serious letter of resignation from your place of employment, check out this site.  You make a few choices of phrasing, and BINGO!  The generator makes the letter for you.


Career-Oriented Survey Links:
This is a VERY good career exploration survey!  Though it's based out of Canada, it seems to do an excellent job of providing clues as to what career paths might be best suited for those who who respond honestly to their questions.  You first take an 80-question survey, before it provides you with a list of career clusters that you seem to be best suited for.  Those clusters are ranked from BEST to least most interesting or like you.  You'll FIRST need to complete a free registration page before you can proceed with their survey.  Check it out.  It's cool!
This is a great easy-to-use survey sight, where can answer a few simple multiple-choice questions, then see whether or not your might be entrepreneur material.  You can even print your results and/or email them to a friend.
This is a 50-question survey that helps not only show you your entrepreneural potential, but it provides you with a brief written explanation behind their assessment of you.  Check it out.  It's FREE!
This is a great easy-to-use career interests survey location for those people who are trying to find that profession that is JUST perfect for them.  Be careful how you answer the short series of questions, as they use that information to best match you with a set of career field possibilities.
Interview-Related Site Links:
This is a cool site you can to go, if you're at all curious about whether or not you might be cut out to be an entreprenuer.  Check it out and see how YOU score!