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Here, I have posted brief but informative descriptions of each class we currently teach within the Marketing Department here at Central High School.  I've grouped the courses by the marketing-specific and more business related categories below.  Feel free to email or call me at any time, if you would like additional clarification or information.  You can reach me in my classroom at: 348-5114.


Part-Time Jobs = Elective Credits
     If you maintain a part-time job, pass the associated class, and get positive employee reviews, then you COULD receive elective credits that can help you with graduation requirements!  You MUST be enrolled in any one of the "Marketing" classes listed below in order to qualify for this program.
     If you get positive reviews from your supervisors on the job, and you pass the associated marketing class with a MINIMUM "C" (70%) or better, then you can receive TWO grades, while having to attend only a SINGLE class.  Stop by and see me to find out more about this exciting program.  You can also email or call me.  My classroom phone number is 348-5114.  My email contact links can be found all over this web site.

Marketing Classes


Professional Business Preparation A:
     This is a very basic personal marketing skills course that is designed to help provide our young people with the kind of tools they need to promote themselves.  We begin by doing some "self" exploration-type surveys, which then moves us toward some career search activities.  Further, our students then begin to connect post-secondary education programs with what they would like to do professionally.
     They are also exposed to effective interviewing skills, are trained on how to complete professional-appearing "employment portfolios" (resumes, cover letters, and "Thank You" letters), apply basic math skills to "real life" situations, and more.  click on the "download" link below, if you would like to see a more specific course description.  You are also invited to stop by and see me.

Click HERE To Print WORD Version Of Syllabus

Professional Business Preparation B:
     This course expands a bit on the Prep A class, in that there is some college exploration material that is covered in the beginning, but then it moves on from there.  Our students are trained on some basic communication skills, including writing, web design techniques, and more.  They are also given instruction on effective managment/supervisory skills, and finish by learning how to apply some basic math skills to every day life and business.
     Please feel free to either stop by and see me, or contact me by phone or email, if you would like to know more about this class and the way I teach it.  You can also click on the "download" link below to print out a copy of the more specific course description sheet I issue my students.

Click HERE To Print WORD Version Of Syllabus

Advanced Marketing:
     This course is designed to combine the basic personal marketing skills students have with what we teach them about how marketing applies to the business world.  The way I teach this course involves the students being much more involved in "projects," while being less involved with the more traditional methods of learning.  Though I DO use textbook, lecture notes, and video guide/discussions as supplements to what we do, the major thrust of the assignments are devoted to preparing these kids to perform before either an individual judge, or in front of a group of their peers.  There are no fewer than 5 presentation-style assignments in this class.  For students also wishing to be a part of our DECA program, these assignments help to simulate the way they are judged at our various competitions.
     During the first semester segment of this course, we teach the kids about the basic components of marketing (i.e. promotions, placement, pricing, and product), while exposing them to the various kinds of marketing careers that are open for them after high school.  We eventually guide the students into entrepreneurship concepts, where they are encouraged to consider opening their own business, including validating a loan request with a professional-appearning business plan in the end.
      Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about this course.  You can also either call or email me, if you need more information.

Click HERE To Print A WORD Version Of Syllabus

Business-Related Classes


Business Law:
     This course provides our students with some of the fundamentals of U.S. Law, and then takes them through how "law" applies to business in this country.  We start by going over some of the same kinds of principles of law that social studies classes touch on, with discussions about the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the three parts of our government, and more.  That then sets them up for understanding how our existing laws affect both THEM as citizens, as wells as THEM as potential businesspeople later in life.
     To help them enhance their resumes, as well as to help provide them with potential job contacts, we encourage our students in this class to complete a small volunteerism activity, which is connected with the citizenship part of the foundations of U.S. Law.  Selected charitable organizations are contacted by me in order to help facilitate our students in their efforts to complete this requirement.
    Please feel free to contact me for further information about this course.  You may also either call or email me, if you need to know more.  Finally, you may also click on the "download" link below, if you would like to print out a more complete course description sheet, which is the same as what I issue my students in class in the beginning.

Keyboarding I:
     This is a VERY basic typing/word-processing course that is designed to help our students be better prepared for later in their academic and professional lives.  They are encouraged to improve their keyboarding "touch" skills, in the way of accuracy and speed, so that they are more successful with various word-processing related requirements that they encounter later in their lives. 
     Our students first learn the very basics of word-processing skills, from leaning their "home row keys," to learning how some of the basic "function" keys apply to word-processing, to learning how to prepare certain specific kinds of business documents.  By the time they complete this course, they are expected to be able to accurately type at least 20-25 words per minute, by touch.
      Please feel free to contact me to find out further information.  You can either call, stop by, or phone me.  Further, feel free to click on the "download" link below to print out a copy of the course description document that I issue to the students during the first day of each semester's class.

Click HERE To Print A WORD Version Of Syllabus