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News Related Links
Let me ask you something!  Why is it that we're still paying for news sources in paper form, when MOST of them are free on the internet??   I mean, THIS type of news source won't soak up the summer rains, or be frozen to your driveway in the winter!  Come on, people!  Let's take advantage of what's being GIVEN to us!
NOTE:  If you discover any news sources that are not already on this page,
              but you would like them to be, please email their links to me, along
              with a description of what they are.
Weather News Links:

First, click on the state, then on the city (or city nearest your point of interest), to find out the current weather conditions.





General News Sources:

From this site, you can find newspapers either from state to state, here in the U.S., or search country to country.  This is an EXCELLENT site for people that like to stay informed!  You can even have your choice of newspaper translated into either Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, or Italian! 


This link comes courtesy of

The USA Today Newspaper:

The New York Times Online:

The Rocky Mountain News Main Pages:

The Denver Post Main Pages:

The Greeley Tribune Online:

The US News Magazine:

Local News and Sports Stories From

Business Week Online:

The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition:


Sports News Sources:

The USA Today Sports Pages:

MSNBC Sports Main Page:

Fantasy Football Information FromFantasy

This is a GREAT source for several different fantasy football information links!

Fantasy Insights Online Magazine:

This information comes courtesy of
This information comes courtesy of


Scrolling Current News:
Just run your cursor across the scrolling text fields below, if you wish for the text to stop enough to read.  Then, click on any of the stories, if you want to read more about them.
General News Scroll:

Football, Baseball, and Basketball News Scroll:

General Stock Market News Scroll: